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DAZZ LETELLIER was born on December 20th, 1978 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As a child, DAZZ was a dreamer and was very active.  She had lots of creativity.  Every day at 7PM, DAZZ would turn on a huge speaker, property of her father, and would sing and dance in front of all who cared to watch.  Since her mother was living in Venezuela, her paternal grandmother suffered all the disturbances and scandals of this young girl.  On many occasions, she used the kitchen utensils as musical instruments.  When she wasn’t singing and dancing in front of her home, she enjoyed the comfort and solace atop tall trees around her neighborhood. 

DAZZ learned to sow with real-life needles at the tender age of 6, although she really did not appreciate how dolls looked.  To DAZZ, they appeared too perfect and she looked more like a tomboy.  However, her dolls were among the best dressed in the neighborhood.  DAZZ stated, “I did not enjoy combing my hair much, thus my hair was always short like a boy.”  DAZZ’s life was a daily smorgasbord of dreams, music, games and antics. She obtained her first sewing machine at 9 years old.  She would use her new acquisition to make clothes and sell them to her friends. By the age of 10, DAZZ organized her first modeling show with a total of 15 girls and over 50 participants.  

In 1992, DAZZ arrives to the United States and her inclination towards music begins to flourish.  During this time, DAZZ registers for High School and enlisted in several independent talent school.  DAZZ states, “The luggage of my dreams was bigger than my real-life clothing luggage.”  When DAZZ was not attending school, she was continuing with her courses in modeling and acting.  Oftentimes, she would find comfort by immersing herself in her music.  Music was her escape and she just kept writing songs and composing.  Just before turning 16, her mother asked what she wanted to do for her “Sweet Sixteen” and without hesitation, DAZZ changed her party for the purchase of a real microphone.
By the time DAZZ graduated from High School, she had already participated in numerous talent and modeling shows.  She also had acting roles in theatrical plays such as “El primer día de  la primavera” and “La venida de un puerto” directed by Marcelo Rodriguez, “Un dos de dos,” among others.  She learned to play the flute and she already had her own microphone and radio recorder, DAZZ felt like she was on top of the world. It was obvious she was not about to let go of her passion for music, even if some of her family members demonstrated a lack of interest or “an obsession” as they called it and still call it.  DAZZ states, “It wasn’t really that my family did not want me to pursue my dreams, it was just that everybody knows that a career as a artist is difficult.”  During these times, DAZZ continued her involvement in events associated with art, community, culture and politics.  A short time thereafter, she begins to participate in public events and interprets several songs by the artists of the times.
After several years of hard work in modeling and at public events, DAZZ decides to continue her studies and temporarily retires from the arts at the age of 21. Although she was no longer in front of the camera, she continued crafting her art.  DAZZ obtained a diploma as a cosmetologist (1997) and a certificate as an Office Specialist (2002).  DAZZ recalls, “By 2000, I was working for the Dominican Consulate and my salary was used for my art and music.  While other young women would go out shopping for clothes and shoes, I would spend my time and money at electronic stores.  Music equipment and electronics was among my most treasured hobby during this period in my life.” She begins her preparation by studying photography, Web design, hair cutting, among other things.  In the summer of 2008, she starts to work in the area of construction and demolition. According to DAZZ, “This was not necessarily the easiest job in the world, nor was it my dream job for the rest of my life, but it was a good way of financing my music career.  It wasn’t until 2009 that I was able to record my own song and that’s how “Historia” was born.  Although I was not completely satisfied with the final version, it was of my own creation and it was true progress.”  After this first recording, DAZZ had acquired enough experience and knowledge about the  music business that by 2010 she had written and composed more than 20 original song of which 3 had been professionally done in a recording studio.  At the same time, DAZZ decides to resume her academic studies and eventually finishes a career in “Fashion Marketing and Management” at the prestigious University at Berkeley.  DAZZ continues marketing her first video “Historia” via her social media at YouTube and soon finds herself participating in local shows and festivals.  Taking advantage of the positive vibe,DAZZ releases her 2010-2011 calendar “Amazona.”  The calendar gave DAZZ tremendous visibility and gave her the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in the music business from which she would eventually developed longtime business relationships and who would eventually continue working with her.


DAZZ’s first book was written when she was 15 years old and was named “Magdalena, a real life story,” based on woman who attempts to cross the Mona Canal in the Dominican Republic en route to Puerto Rico in search of a better life for her children and family.  This book is actually in her possession and it still remains to be published.  DAZZ also wrote “Persio and his solitude” & “Paramechuto, the boy with large "eyes,” which received special recognition due in large part by its creativity, sentiment and complexity while DAZZ was still in High School.  DAZZ is also the author of multiple poems and thoughts. She wrote and directed a theatrical play called “Manos de Angel” same name as the non-profit foundation presided by Jacqueline Montoya.  The play included the participation oftalented artists including Wanda Ferreiras, Nayris Sanchez and more.
1999 – “Sagicarus Fashion” – DAZZ becomes the founder and president of her own modeling school.
1999-2000 – DAZZ begins her studies in photography and graduates in 2006 from the CES Institute.  She also obtains a degree in WEB design and as a graphic artist.  2006 – DAZZ creates her own photographic studio by the name of ANDLAZZ.  As a photographer, DAZZ worked alongside renown modeling schools and with prestigious photographers.  DAZZ states, “It was funny because many times I ended up working at home.  I remember that one time a model came to my house and asked where were the designer, the stylist, the make-up artist and the photographer, she was surprised when I answered that I was all of that.  She eventually became one of my best clients for many years.” DAZZ is the composer of most of her songs including: "I love me more," Dancing, Drinking and party hard,”  “Ruega que Ella,” "War Soldiers," Behind the bars,” "When Angels talk,” “America’s Most Wanted,” “Do You Want It,”  “Hechizo,” “Enamorada,” “Tonight,” “Mi último adiós,” “Best friends,” “Mi gloria es contigo,” “Perdida en la ciudad," "I don’t want you," “Three,” "Tu engaño,"  “Pay back bitch,” “Hemisferio Norte,” “Historias,” “Quise,”  "Amantes de carretera," "Príncipe sapo," "Cyber love," "Vete," "On passion,"  “Todo,” “Mentiras y besos,”, “M16,” “Si fuera por mi,” “Sere yo,” “No es amor fugaz,” “Se acabo el dolor,” “In my heart,”  among many more.  She has also interpreted music from other artists and has received recognitions from these artists.  As a performer,she has been in many well known venues throughout the Big Apple and has participated in multiple festivals, TV shows, newspapers, magazines and radio. DAZZ has participated in various modeling events in New York City such as:  Sunilda Gonell Fashion Expo, Tiffany Modeling Inc., Elizabeth Models New York, Face of Fashion, FIT Fashion Expo, DA Fashion Expo, Sexy Lingerie and many others.  In the same fashion, DAZZ has organized and trained many teens for different modeling shows and competitions.  DAZZ has been in the cover of numerous known magazines such as the premier edition of “Integral USA Magazine,” in which she also collaborated for several years and which served as a platform in other areas of her career.
Theatrical Plays: “El Primer día de Primavera,” “la venida de un puerto”with Roselyn Sánchez (Rush Hour 2) and directed by Marcelo Rodríguez, novela "Cara sucia,”“Conquistadora,” “Mujer de la calle,” & “Uno de dos.” DAZZ also participated in “La cara de una mujer,” a documentary base on Domestic Violence, directed by Mónica Gutiérrez. DAZZ also participated in “La Guerra de los Mamberos” as supporting actress. DAZZ has collaborated as a professional photographer, stylist and make-up artist for various modeling agencies including HUGO BOSS, Elite, FORD as well as many different magazines and commercials. She worked as assistant photographer to the renown photographer “Tom Munro,” and she collaborated in the movie “Buena Gente” produced by Fabian Baez. DAZZ was the producer and MC of three local radio shows in New York as well as the Executive Producer of “House of 42nd” TV show, an exciting and varied show transmitted via “Pegate TV.”   2010-2011 DAZZ registers Andlazz Inc. as a business corporation to ensure all copyrights for the movie “Jardin de Mariposas” a film written by DAZZ.  The film was produced in association with PLA FILM and was directed by Yonel L. Sosa. The content of the film captivated the national and international media due in large part to its social content detailing the life of a woman who suffers from domestic violence and mental disability. The film was finished in 2011 and is still in the process of post-production.   2012-2013 DAZZ was recognized by different organizations such as the “Queens Latino Award” by QueensLatino Newspaper who named her “Artist of the year.”  She was the leading star at the PeruvianInternational Festival, CECOMEX Festival, Festival of “5 de Mayo” in Flushing Meadow Park, MC along with locutor Junior Betances at the “Fordham Road Festival,” Festival of the “Guadalupana,” among others. Other awards were bestowed upon her at events such as “Premios Estrella,” “Los Premios Too Much,”Women of the year by “Integral USA Magazine,” among many others.    2013 DAZZ releases her personal catalogue called “GAMA.” This catalogue includes designs by DAZZ and was distributed directly to all her clients.   2014 DAZZ is 100% focused and is en route to achieving her original goal as a young child, music.  She has already received several proposals but has yet to decide which one to choose.  In January 2014, she finished her single named America’s Most Wanted “Do You Want It,” at the same time collaborating as a guest artist on several music projects that will be released throughout 2014.   2014 DAZZ receives recognition in “El Barrio Magazine,” one of the most popular magazines in the Hip/Hop world where DAZZ is mentioned as the next big star of the entertainment business. She recently collaborated with popular Latino hip hop artist Angelo Metralla “ Costello” in his song named “Sobrevivientes,” available in most digital platforms, also with urban artist Guelo Furia on a upcoming reggaeton hit named “Almas Dividas.”     Social Media pages:

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