Birthday: December 20, 1978, Bet 2:am-4:00am
Singer/songwriter(English, Spanish) 
Music Genre: Pop, urban, Latin 
Height: 6'1 flat
Weight: 142
Eyes: Green Hazel
Skin: Light Olive 
Clothing Size: 2-4, Small/Extra Small
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Born: Dominican Republic
Citizenship: American
IDOL: Jesus

Color: Black  
Book: The old men and the sea
Music: All genre 
Food: Sea food 
Pastimes:Writing song, Reading, Making and designing clothes, Photography and community activist. 
Full time: Singer/songwriter 
Pets: Dog name Oggy and Domestic Rats without tail: Gigi, Dona, MK, LV

SOME FAVORITE MOVIES: Forest Gump,Beautiful Mind, Elizabeth, Shawshank Redemption,Titanic, Amazing Grace, The Green Mile,Gia Marie,  Cast Away, Hashi, Marley and I, The King Speech, lord of the Ring,Behind the Candelabra Pay it forward, The wolf of wall street,Closer,Rio, The longest Yard,  The pianist, The Fith element, The phantom of the opera, Les Miserable, A fiddler in the roof,Rachel s getting married,Ride Along,  Slumdog Millionaire, Little shop of horror, The illusionist, Milk,Sweet November, Matrix,Mission Impossible, Monster inc, Frozen,Dinosour Magadascar, Ice age, March of the penguins, MIB, Moulan Rouge, Beowolf, Hannibal Lecter "Silence of the Lambs", To kill a Mockingbird,There will be blood, No country for old man, Bruce Almighty, Doc. Dolite, Scary Movie,ALL Walt Disney and Wagner Brothers Cartoons

Prefer not to watch horror movies.

SOME FAVORITES SHOWS: Investigation Discovery, Nurse Jacquie, The turdos,Docotra Ana Maria polo, Animal planet, Science channel, Weeds, Lie to me, Carbonaro Effect, Hardcore Pown, Pimp my Ride, Wipe Out, Deadliest catch, Alaska, Tree house.

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